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Terms of Use
easyoga Terms of Use

Before using this site (hereinafter referred to as “this Website”), easyoga is hereby requesting that you should indeed read the following terms and conditions. The relevant “Terms and Conditions” as follows apply to all your usage behavior occurred in “this Website”, and easyoga provides you with all “the Contents”(will be defined), information and services of “this Website”. If you access and use “this Website”, unless otherwise specified in any other laws and regulations applicable to “this Website”, Internet and the WWW, you shall agree to an entire compliance with the following provisions to the “Terms and Conditions”. If you could not fully agree with the site's “Terms and Conditions”, please leave “this Website”.

Ownership of the Contents

This Website is owned and engaged by easyoga. All the Contents presented by this Website and the rights granted to easyoga under relevant laws and regulations, including but not limited to programming codes, the program composed of the foregoing programming codes, architecture design, character format, graphic design, photo cropping, image capture, collection of moving images, audio, illustrations and software and intellectual properties including copyright, right of trademark and other rights are all possessed by easyoga. Unless otherwise specified hereto or any clause of other agreement made with easyoga has expressed exclusion of applicability of this provision, any portions or elements of “this Website” or “the Contents” shall not be replicated or retransmitted in any form, and any infringement of the rights of easyoga by any means shall not be allowed either. 

Copyright and Trademark

All rights of the Contents shall be maintained to be possessed by easyoga. All products easyoga discloses in this Website including but not limited to any text, graphics, programming code, etc., created and composed by easyoga, except for an advance contact or a prior consent, you shall not arbitrarily alter, capture to duplicate, transfer, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, sublicense any of the Contents to a third party, or create any derivative works from any of the original Contents and transfer or sell thereto. In order to comply with the purpose of these provisions, the use of such materials in any other website or networked computer environment shall be prohibited.

All the easyoga's trademarks used herein, logos, and business names (including, but not limited to the word marks of “easyoga”, trademark of “easyoga's flower Chakra” and “trademark's color of easyoga”) are all registered trademarks owned by easyoga. Without prior consent in writing of easyoga, you shall not by any means use, replicate, reproduce, republish, upload, publicly notice, transfer, transmit or modify such marks including that in all data of advertisement delivery and promotional materials contained in this Website, and those stored without easyoga's consent in any external websites, or, create links of between this Website and any other website and use marks similar to all of easyoga's having been registered and might result in a risk of being misidentified by consumers.

Warranty Disclaimer

The information document this Website disclosed due to the timing difference among headquarters' decision-making process, message transmission and this Website's message publishing, therefore, easyoga does not guarantee overall accuracy, integrity or up- to-dateness of all information presented on this Website, and because the contents published on this Website need to be regularly updated, this Website does not guarantee the operation of the site will be uninterrupted or error-freely operated. Meanwhile, easyoga cannot prevent errors caused due to force majeure. This Website does not assure that all the flaws in this Website can be corrected, or no intrusion and interference of virus or other harmful components and to make the user to obtain compensation as a result of foregoing factors. For further consideration that users of this site particularly do not consider themselves general, this Website for information on using this site, easyoga cannot warrant or represent, for information use in this Website, its correctness, accuracy, appropriateness, availability, timeliness, reliability, or the applicable law to the fullest extent permitted in each case. easyoga shall, without issuing a notice and assuming responsibilities, have the right to modify, suspend, and revoke this Website's contents.

Links with Regional Distributors

In order to facilitate services for consumers and to provide information of reference, easyoga will present and guide the website links owned and controlled by distributors. Provided that the said links will take you to those websites beyond the scope of services of the website operated by easyoga, since the foresaid scope is not conducted by easyoga, and those websites all have their own entry in the privacy policy, you should comply with the specification of the aforementioned websites. For the legal relationship actually exists in between a distributor and its users, easyoga does not need to be liable for any dispute incurred from those websites' contents. Therefore, please note that these other websites probably have their own cookies and send that to the user to collect data or solicit personal information, it is recommended that when you use these sites you should also check its terms of use and / or privacy policy, because the risk for any visit / access of these sites shall be entirely taken by yourself.

Abuse of Website Usage

It is strictly prohibited, without the consent of easyoga, to make use of this Website to be engaged in including but not limited to advertisements unrelated to easyoga’s products and corporate image, or any commercial use or illegal solicitation of customers, public noticing, or transmitting any illegal contents involving infringement, threats, errors, misleading, instigation, slander, invasion of privacy, obscenity, pornography, abusiveness, discrimination, etc., if it is deemed a criminal violation of the relevant laws and regulations ,or violation of rights of any party ,or might result in civil liability, or otherwise violation of any laws, and consequently leads to easyoga's damage, easyoga shall have the right to claim damages from the perpetrator upon the above behavior.

Changes of Terms

easyoga shall leave to its own discretion from time to time the right to change, modify, add, or remove any of these Terms and Conditions. easyoga welcomes you to periodically review these Terms and Conditions for the latest information. Once these regulations and terms (including easyoga’s “Privacy Policy”) have changed, and you continue to use this Website, it will be deemed that you have agreed and accepted the change of the contents.

Breach of Agreement

If you encounter the following circumstances when using this site, this site may immediately issue a warning and, without your reply, indefinitely suspend, terminate or refuse service to you, as a result that easyoga sustains damages, easyoga may request you for a loss compensation.
A) you have violated the terms agreed hereto regarding the use of this Website.
B) this Website cannot confirm or authenticate any information you provided.
C) you have violated the law and used this Website in the way that has caused the operators and owners of the site being at risk of harm which could probably bring about risks of loss and damages imposed on the representative and easyoga the owner of this Website.

Shopping Online

If you order products online through this Website, please be sure to read the Terms and Conditions applicable to the procurement of services, in order to really understand all of the relevant provisions. If you complete the payment before you really read and understand the relevant provisions, it shall be deemed that you have agreed to and to be bound by the relevant provisions and agreed to disagree. You can view shopping terms on the relevant page of online ordering.

Goods Delivery

This company provides manners and locations of product delivery at your option, and will accept payments in accordance with the payment method you choose on the page. You may claim for relevant consumer rights within 7 days starting from the day of goods delivery, this Company will consequently provide corresponding goods and services in compliance with interpretation of the provisions of Consumer Protection Law of the Republic of China, the Civil Code and other relevant official orders. Should your negligence in exercising relevant rights results in the elimination due to time limitation or the long lead time variability of the product, this Company shall not be additionally responsible for it.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction 

The above Terms and Conditions hereof shall be governed by and construed under the laws of Taiwan. If any matters not mentioned herein, the governing law of the Republic of China shall be complied by the Parties. Each Party hereinafter shall be in compliance with the jurisdiction of courts in Taiwan. Should any portion of the Terms and Conditions agreed hereto are null and void but the rest of them are tenable, thus, the remaining provisions of agreement herein shall still be in effect without prejudice to this service agreement.

How to Contact Us ? If you have any questions or comments concerning this Website or any related questions or opinions regarding services, please email: onlineshop@easyoga.com

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